OneSpirit is a regular natural high gathering to meet, connect, ecstatic dance, celebrate, journey, explore, shift and uplift in Brixton, LONDON, UK 

OneSpirit gatherings vary from week to week so best always check the journey in detail on the event listing…

OneSpirit incorporates multiple transformational tools which have profound effect shifting and uplifting with love, unity and joy…  We continually get positive feedback of lasting effects after attending OneSpirit gatherings…

As well as being a regular space in London to meet like-hearted friends and all the above ~ OneSpirit gatherings are effective holistic Well-Being programs – a great way to keep balanced, energized, fit and uplifted on every level – spirit, mind, body and emotions – including cardiovascular work out if you choose! 

You may wish to build it into your regular holistic Health, Balance, Love, Connections, Upliftment & Joy program

OneSpirit journeys include ☯

~ Special gathering of like-hearted old and new friends 

Cosmic Connections Tribal Social with Live Acoustic Harmonizing Music* and OneSpirit cafe* serving delicious organic savoury and sweet high vibration delights to nourish, uplift and energize

OneLight Circle welcome, attunement and OM

Channelled Meditations and Messages deep and powerful

~ Kundalini Movements, Breathing and Stretching*

~ Sacred Chants soul singing

OneHeart Ecstatic Dance with awesome uplifting Live music* / DJ with live percussion – varying each week 

Sacred Sound Bath Activation with Solfeggio frequencies* – a special awakening and elevating journey of amazing powerful Shamanic Drums… deep Didgeridoo… transformational Solfeggio 111hz Gong, 396hz and 528hz singing bowls and chimes… and magical spirit gifted 741hz singing bowl and heart chakra frequency Tibetan Bell 

LoveBeam Love, Peace and Unity Gaia Meditation & OM*  connecting heart to heart and intentional OM to beam Love, Light and Peace to Gaia and all Beings

Cosmic Connections Tribal Social with Shanti tunes and OneSpirit cafe

~ All night high vibration Sacred Geometry visuals*

* Please see other sections for more details of the different OneSpirit gatherings, Facilitators, Musicians & Performers, Crew, LoveBeam OM, Sound Bath with Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies, Sacred Geometry Visuals, OneSpirit Cafe, Venue and Reviews


Yesterday is History

Tomorrow is a Mystery

Today is a Gift

That is why it is called

The Present 


The Time Is Now!

Let’s make OurStory together 

OneSpirit… OneHeart… OneBeat… OneLight… OneLove