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“ Go once and you will want to go back ” Patrick

Group Reviews

We would greatly appreciate if you could take a moment to feedback on what OneSpirit has done for you over the years… in as many aspects as you feel to share… 

It’s so nice to hear the many ways OneSpirit has contributed to you, your life, friendships, relationships, health & path ☺

The ‘Leave a Comment’ button is below followed by past reviews…


Here are words on OneSpirit ~ click ‘more’ if you wish to read fully ~ 


OneSpirit is a regular natural high gathering to meet, connect, ecstatic dance,

celebrate, journey, explore, shift and uplift … and so much more ☺

The first OneSpirit was on Winter Solstice 2011…   

An incredible blessed 5 years full of so many amazing regular gatherings & elevating joy~full experiences ☺


wonderful creatives co~creating magic… celebrating key solar & lunar moments… LoveBeaming… uplifting consciousness…  connections with like~hearted… friendships… relationships… even babies… inspiration… new creative projects initiated through collaboration with each other… upliftment… healing…  health & wellbeing… many people lifted out of depression…  feeling connected…  sense of purpose… experiencing love & unity… joy… exploration…  magic… not to mention an abundance of awesome music, drumming, circles, dancing, sound journeys & cosmic connections ☺  

OneSpirit has certainly fulfilled it’s multi layered vision… and played a key role in the growth of the conscious community in London & beyond…

The Brix has been a Light House ~ a significant power centre…  OneSpirit was destined to be at the Brix through these profound years as given clearly in vision… now the Brix is moving into a new chapter (not sure what) & we were given notice… 

OneSpirit has been a load of work ~ powered by spiritual mission & guidance… an offering…  the project has still not broken even from massive debts from the early days when there was little community to attend… whilst we were helping to build the community…  but well worth it! ☺      

The future of OneSpirit?  Some time off to attend to other areas of life that have been put aside whilst doing OneSpirit is needed… then onto the next chapter…  

If you come across any venues which may be suitable for one off OneSpirit natural high events please let us know? Also if you know any event organisers in other key areas of the UK or abroad who may like to put on a natural high event & have us play then please let us know.

The Time is Now!

OneLove ♥




I owe so much to One Spirit where my journey began back on 2012, and where I met my soul mate Monica. It is also where her journey began so it will always have a special place in our hearts... It is my family, my home, where I always come back to. It is where I have made all my spiritual friends and contacts that have so magically transformed my life for the better. Before One Spirit I was still in the old way of life going out clubbing, drinking and never really having a good night and paying the price the next day, was getting so fed up with all the drunken lairy people trying to start fights, etc all the time and just thought this isn't for me anymore. And then I went to One Spirit and never looked back, this is what helped me quit drinking and I ALWAYS had an AMAZING night at One Spirit surrounded by beautiful lovely people who always showed you so much love. I look forward to the day where everywhere is like this and then the world would be a much better place... :) So much love to the One Spirit crew, cant wait for the next chapter in our journey together... :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxx

David Ellams added on 2016-09-19


One Spirit events have been full of life, laughter, fun, spiritual intimacy, connection and energetic dancing! Magical funky spiritual music, which still rings in my ears from time to time:) Enjoyed the privacy of the venue away from the hustle and bustle of London streets. Am grateful I've made a few friendships at One Spirit gatherings. What a wonderful way to enjoy Saturday evenings! Looking forward to the next chapter at a new venue!

Sundar added on 2016-09-18


The smiles, the warmth, the hugs, the chats, the smudging, the circle, the poetry, the music, the ambience, the friendships, the rhythms, hands on skin, echoing down that spiral staircase! Thanks for helping me heal The Brix; a lighthouse and OneSpirit a flame. Always.

Rod added on 2016-09-16


What a journey far! Looking back at the last 3 years, am somewhat sad that I didn't know about OneSpirit back in 2012.. Missed opportunities and all that. God knows how my life could have been... BUT am extremely blessed that I got connected in 2014, and how energised my life has become.. everything from Amir's Sorcerer movement-works to drumming circles, Jane's shaking & serpent music manifestations to about 150+ friends I have made.. (yes I did a calculation).. It's high energy.. it's soul family bonds..and if that isn't what we long for..what is? I've absolutely enjoyed attending, shamanic dancing, shaking it out, creating magic, transforming, helping out, making video features of our times together, all those setups, take-downs...they have been fun too. I will not forget one moment of it. And now.. one chapter closes and Onespirit must leave The Brix. But..there's another one waiting. We just have to open the next page together to see what that is :-) See you all soon. Bright Blessings.. -Mani

Mani Navasothy added on 2016-09-03


Go once and you will want to go back

Patrick added on 2016-06-05


Amazing people, powerful meditations to send love and healing to All That Is. Loads of juicy hugs from fab people! Fun drumming circle to start. Danced my sox off and I can be self conscious, as I'm acclimatising to dancing sober! I am DEFFO coming back for more! Huge love and thanks to all Jane, Amir and all crew and all who attended. A real honour to be part of this.

Lucinda added on 2016-01-01


Super! :)

Andrzej B added on 2015-08-02


Winter solstice was amazing. The drumming and DJ- ing was my favorite! The energy went through the roof! Looking forward to New Years party. Thank you for this out of this world experience.

Kaylaa Sandwell added on 2015-06-22


What an amazing, uplifting, energetic, ecstatic evening!!!!!Thank you soon much for this experience!

Pavitra added on 2015-05-09


Totally pleased, feel energised and happy :)

Yekaterina Antonenko added on 2015-05-03


A lovely lot! Thank you very much!

Tiina Lehis added on 2015-03-23



Janee added on 2015-03-22



Alison added on 2015-03-08


First time visit. Won't be the last. Amazing is all I can say. Great venue, near the tube, everyone so friendly. Really laid back vibe. Started with a meditation circle that was great, then a food break. Food amazing. Then to the music. Wow. As someone very self conscious dancing, this was the ultimate experience. No one cares how you dance, everyone just does their own thing, enjoying the amazing mix of music, so uplifting, great club atmosphere without the nasty side, no stigma about dress code, dancing, and no boy v girl tension, just everyone getting along so well, then a big group hug and a cinnamon green tea to finish!!! Best night. Thanks to you all xxxx

Phil Gee added on 2014-10-05


One in a million ~ thank you x

Shiva added on 2014-08-26


Magical as moonshine, but without the hangover

Benny Bee added on 2014-07-27


A wonderful experience, thank you you beautiful people! xxx

Dan added on 2014-07-13


Better every time. Thank you all <3

Urtema Dolphin added on 2014-05-06


Unforgettable, unmissable, magic!

Alex added on 2014-04-27



Annette added on 2014-04-27


Awesome evening :-) Great band.... and such a special vibe. Can't imagine a better place to be :-)))) !

Percy added on 2014-03-23


Really enjoyed it lovely people great atmosphere

Silverdove added on 2014-02-16


Great to see so many beautiful people shining their light and sharing their gifts in the love beam Om circle. We truly are blessed as the musician did their magic allowing much shaking for equinox. Feeling uplifted!

Lola Godoy added on 2014-01-19


Liberating and empowering, best night out I've had in years!

Louisa added on 2013-12-16


Every OneSpirit is amazing! Filled with love joy and music it is a totally High Vibrational celebration of life and Universe -THANK YOU XXX

Katy added on 2013-12-15


very good

Matthew Baldwin added on 2013-12-08


My first time to dance in the UK - didn't know what to expect, but what I experienced there was simply what I think I really needed - mainly tribal rhythms... with the circles in the beginning and the end too - the sharing of energies, being connected with each other in a circle ... Singing OM was full of love and again I heard other tones behind...I love this :-) And the vibrations of digeridoo blown directly to heart chakra of each individually, that was absolutely new experience for me and I very appreciate this ank thank you for this lovely idea! And the attendance on this event brought me something even more... ;-) THANK YOU ALL !! :-)

Michaela - Shania added on 2013-11-19


A very powerful full moon gathering last night....It felt really special as everyone was releasing the old for welcoming the new. The whole energy was that of a clear letting go and opening of the heart, as everyone shook off their feathers on the dance floor, held hands tightly in the circle and chanted a beautiful wave of Om... Holding hands with a "stranger" is definitely my high, giving me a sense of completeness, softening od the heart and surrender to what we really are: One. We need more of these beautiful gatherings, as we meet with people of the same vibration raising each other's vibration.... Thanks again!!! Satnam.

mathilde added on 2013-11-17


So Lovely to connect with so many beautiful beings in London!

Colette Du Bois added on 2013-10-20


Simply the best!

Ersilia Arjocan added on 2013-10-20


Already been to one event.. and found it absolutely magical.. People were so nice and harmonious. It's finally good to be.. and no pretenses or have no expectations.. Wonderful to be with so many people all working kundalini energies.. ! Sound bath was a wonderful experience in grounding.. but still being with energy channeled. The facilitator was great with introduction to energy work &drums.. ! Even reconnected to an old friend. All good. Looking forward to connecting with more kindred souls.. and just being.. :-)

Mani Navasothy added on 2013-08-04


I loved every minute of it, everyone was so friendly and there was a lovely vibe! Thank you to all the organisers, musicians and helpers for making this special day possible. I wanted to stay for the sound bath but I had to take the train home, so I'll have to stay til the end next time! Big love and blessings to the One Spirit Tribe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chloe added on 2013-06-24


Very opening. Social network of explorers of any kind...

Solim Savinou added on 2013-06-23


I celebrated here my birthday, and it has been one of my best bdays ever. These beautiful souls are like a family. I live abroad alone and staying with them it's like staying home. I've been in the middle of the circle and I enjoyed an amazing OM coming from the heart of their hearts and going straight to the heart of my heart. I can still feel all that love after many hours. I strongly reccommend everybody to celebreate their bdays with these lovely souls. Love you loads.

Alessandro added on 2013-06-03


I had a truly amazing night at the one spirit 'Uplift'... the wonderful music, dancing, sound bath and the coming together of like hearted souls! Am still on a high :) Thank you.

Lydia Baksh added on 2013-04-29


A lovely mix of spirit and fun and something to help people connect and feel valued. Thanks

Cathy added on 2013-03-24


Great music, great people, great time, great enjoyment.

Edwin added on 2013-03-10


Uplifting like nothing else I know

Ken Condon added on 2013-02-25


Fabulous! I really enjoyed co creating with everyone so lovely to share with you all so a big thank you to all! :-)

Pegasus Spirit added on 2013-01-27


Had a wonderful evening at the One Spirit 'Uplift' event in Brixton. So many lovely smiley people, great raw food, live music, visuals, meditations - great night all round - truly Heart-felt and vital. Thank you... xxx

Susan Cross added on 2012-12-23


Beautiful :o)

Nisha Halai added on 2012-12-22


Brilliant, delighted to be part of such a great group of people

Rachel added on 2012-12-13


The best event in town!

Michael added on 2012-11-25


A very beautiful and warm space held with great honour and presence

Gary Winer added on 2012-09-28


<3 words cannot describe the beautiful experience that was had :)

Prem Loak added on 2012-09-23


Every part of this experience, was overwhlemingly Beautiful!xo

James Marsh added on 2012-09-14



David Ryan added on 2012-08-06


Life affirming

queenpacha added on 2012-07-29


OneSpirit creates an enchanted space for all of us to sing and dance, drum and hum, play and love.

Mark added on 2012-07-26


A great group of people creating a wonderful evening, from meditation to yoga stretching, to drumming then plenty of dancing.. A great evening, I highly recommend it!

Mark A added on 2012-07-22


Superb dance energy

Kevin o'Connor added on 2012-07-22


This is a nice group. felt really comfortable.

Jules added on 2012-07-02


This is a special Context being held. A dance and ecstatic gathering but held in the context of loving relationship with each other and Nature and the Spirits. Encouraging Community and connection, Joy and wellbeing.

David B added on 2012-06-21


Love and Heart vibrant group :)

Peter Didg added on 2012-06-18



Rachel Morris added on 2012-06-18


Loved it!!! Fab mixture of dance, drumming and sound bath, which was awesome. The whole evening was thoroughly uplifting!!!

Shyron added on 2012-05-27


Beautiful, wonderful, ecstatic! :)

Caroline McCready added on 2012-05-06


This was an outstanding and magikal event,,, the soundbea, ceremony/ectatic dance/sound bath/raw food and the Beautiful people. I am blown away by the vibration and the shift in my Being,,, Thankyou to everyone who contributed and attended. I will be there every friday!!!! Blessings::: missmagikal♥

missmagikal added on 2012-05-06


My first OneSpirit event yesterday, AMAZING!!! I heve met Beautiful Beings gathering together in sacred space in such a powerful location as St. Matthews Church in Brixton. Great Musicians weaving their Rhythms Together. DJs playing tunes lovingly produced in the studio to superb tonal quality, powerful Sacred Solfeggio frequencies... Shamanic drums... Didgeridoo... dancing... chanting... smiles... Love... Unity... BRILLIANT!!! "I feel blessed and honoured to be part of this manifestation in these times of immense transformation :))) I am GRATEFUL for the EXPERIENCE...still feeling ...Good Vibrations : ))) LOVE, LIGHT & JOY... Dxxx"

Danka added on 2012-05-06


A beautiful group of conscious, loving, spirited people who come together to raise the vibe with sacred sound, ecstatic dance, beautiful music, uplifting meditations and bring more love and de-light-full-ness to this world. If you\'re looking to get connected to a non-denominational spiritual family in London, this is a great place to start! Thanks so much Jane and Amir for creating such a lovely event. Big congrats 2u! :-) Ashera

Ashera Hart added on 2012-04-27


We are have a space in London town to meet up and connect, dance, be still and get our Kundulini moving, listening and feeling the sound baths and being in a space of ONELOVE beaming out to all. Be in Peace brothers and sistars.. we are the ones we have been waiting for and the time is now <3

Natty Natstar added on 2012-04-18



Om Shanti Angel added on 2012-02-13


Great loved the drums & the music was.... ecstatic fantastic :}

Brennie-Sue added on 2012-02-10


Jane & Amiracle are providing a FANTASTIC Light tribe space and event, right in the heart of Brixton - it is the highlight of my week!

Solara An-Ra added on 2012-02-10


So great to have this weekly night of ecstatic dance hosted so warmly hosted by Jane and Amir. Love the idea of 4 different themes in the month. Adds variety for regulars and an openess to lots of different people. With hip-shakingly awesome live musicians, deeply resonating crystal singing bowls & yummy organic food in our bellies, what's not to love....? SHAKE-TASTIC !!!

Sonia added on 2012-02-10

"A highly charged group so full of beautiful strong vibrations xXx" Janee