OneSpirit Reviews

What a night! wonderful, fun, healing, ecstatic, liberating, joyous, love was all around :-) thank you Jane, Amir, the amazing musicians, and all who contributed. OneSpirit are the real deal ~ Om shanti, shanti xxx

It was dancetastic!!!! I especially enjoyed the shaking-therapy and the live music was awesome, as was the sound bath at the end! I came away like a new person! I wish there was one of these every single week! Thank you, thank you for all your effort and your amazing generosity to bring us such a wonderful evening of healing and loveliness. It was just like one big, welcoming family. Can’t wait to see you all again. XXXXX

There is no words how wonderful this event was. So so powerful, helpful energies all night! The ecstatic dance was just so magical. Such a freedom, acceptation all night from everybody. Thank you so so much for the wonderful band for thos fabulous musics!! :))

Amazing…….simply amazing…
the release…the freedom…the laughter….the love…all hail to the musicians…. and hosts…..amazing…
i left literally on a “High”… high on energy…

I had never been to any such event before and have always been very shy but I saw the event on here a few hours before it started and decided to go by myself. I am so glad I did! I loved every minute of it, especially seeing everyone let go with smiles on their faces. I will be back! <3

Loved it loved it loved it! Dancing! Expressing! being free! One love, one spirit :)

“No photos, reviews or videos can ever fully show anyone the real energy-experience you get there…  If anyone is sitting on the fence..delaying..wondering.. just throw all caution to the Storms..and take a chance.. Just turn up!   I always get so much from Onespirit events, energy, kinship and I am even getting a healthy body..all that dancing is exercise that tones muscles & strengthens cardiovascular systems..”  

“Brilliant event! Lush vibes. Right on it!! Great music, visuals, food, backdrops, cafe, chill out, healing – all in place. I had a deeply meaningful and uplifting experience. If this is a sign of whats ahead – bring it on!!

“Thank you for an amazing night, I can’t find the words to do this event justice!  I loved every minute of it… can’t wait for the next one!

“Wow what a powerful experience, I’m still floating as I write this, there were so many precious memorable moments tonight, I had a fabulous time 

“it was great i like the circle it was powerful and the dance was something else i heard rhythms that i have never heard before …the drum circle was good …making new friends along the way”

“Amazing music and collective energy”

“Absolutely Joyful!”

“Brilliant, beautiful and uplifting”

“Lovely people”

“So celebratory”


“A most wonder-full evening”

“Ecstatic fantastic”

“A Brixton treasure… Love it”

“Ecstatic dance is one of the best ways I’ve experienced to increase energy in the body and at the same time open the heart!”

“OH….MY…….GOODNESS!!! THIS WAS AN AMAZING EVENT!! What a way to celebrate the Solstice. So happy! SO HAPPY!!!    Thank you to all involved in putting it together, taking care of everyone, making *wonderful* food, leading beautiful & powerful meditations and the *AMAZING* musicians. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥”


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Looking forward to a magical evening at time of such energy in the calendar. Can I recommend the drum circle to folks who may be attending for the first time? You don\'t need to have played drums before (I didn\'t!) but you\'ll have a wonderful, group experience x
Martin Edwards on 11/6/14

It was my first time attending the full event and surely, won\'t be my last. The drumming at the start was so elevating with electric vibrations travelling through the air, I felt so caught up in the moment that it didn\'t matter whether I could still feel my fingers because I didn\'t want to stop the motion. The LoveBeam circle, I\'ve never felt such positive energy from a room full of people with one intention, I felt totally united with all and let\'s not forget the dancing towards the end. Well, I regularly go dancing in clubs but last night I felt as if not just my body was dancing but my entire soul. I let go with such freedom and ecstasy that it didn\'t matter that my soles felt tender. I felt and still feel energised, rejuvenated and totally uplifted and I am now addicted and pleased to say, I want some more. Thank you and stay blessed all.
Lea on 22/6/14

An absolute diamond of an event, the place was vibe-ing high, such a blessing to find out about it. Beautiful environment, wonderful people, delicious food and amaaaazing music! Thank you so much to the organisers. Here\'s to a spring full of powerful intent!
Kath on 22nd March 14

I would give six stars to OneSpirit but meetup only allows five. Grateful to everyone from the bottom of my heart.
Martin on 22nd March 14

Another magical event at OneSpirit. So much gratitude. Amazing new addition to the already fantastic line up of musicians. I was compelled to dance all night! There was no choice. My body just said YES! Thank you so much. X
Rachel on 22nd March 14

Jeff Foster said once: \"how can you know of what kind of dance you r capable of, until you actually dance?\"...thank you for creating this welcoming, juicy and safe sacred space to actually \'go for it\'! open, speechless and ecstatically alive, we were leaving the gathering ?
Atmo Chaitanya on 22nd March 14

Wow, it was a powerful event last night.. So many people.. ! The group Om chant with a large circle and a medium circle ..all around the central Crystal altar-grid. the charge of energy started then...and didn\'t stop till...wel.. half a day after I got home..! (I think the Sound-bath at the end did calm, centre and ground us all ..! ) So grateful to the all the friends..and the new people I have met and chatted.. and the dancing..! Not sure how I managed ecstatic dancing with one bad right knee and a bad left ankle.. Shamanic energy I guess..! Can\'t wait to be at the next 2 weeks time.. !! Thank you..and Bright love & blessings to all. x
Mani on 17 Feb 2014

You can enter with a heavy heart, but you don\'t leave that way\' -This evening, I had a really brilliant experience at OneSpirit Love.. !! Last month and a half has not been easy.. but the ecstatic dancing tonight and the wonderful people.. have energised..and elevated me.. Thanks to more and more of these drum beats and dancing.. am getting deeper into my shamanic states.. No alcohol or anything.. just the drums! Okay..okay.. with filtered water too .. Great to see so many familiar give and receive all those nice hugs!
Mani on 19 Jan 2014

I attend One Spirit quite regularly and I have to say that the most amazing thing is that every time is better than the previous one. Yesterday I felt a wonderful energy as soon as I entered the room and after being smudged I started to feel amazing good vibrations behind my shoulders and back. Good vibes generally last for a long time, even in the following days. I proudly consider myself as a member of this spiritual family of love. Thanks Amir, Thanks Jane, Rebecca and everybody.
Alessandro on 19 Jan 2014

I had a really brilliant experience at OneSpirit tonight..!! The ecstatic dancing and the wonderful people.. have energised..and elevated me.. and the regular experience of drums is helping to go deeper into my shamanic states.. Great to see so many familiar give and receive all those nice hugs! Great to make new friends too Thanks to Jane & Amiracle for facilitating today, and to all the musicians for their wonderful gifts! Bright Blessings.
Mani on 19 Jan 2014

Brilliant loved up night!!! i loved watching Tony (didgeridoo) lit up in the dancing green lights! and, of course, everything else about it.... MOROCCO with Jane on melodica and that simple brilliant percussion was awesome and amazing bass toooooo thank you thank you xxxxxxxxxx dancing hearts
Jo Pearce on 19 Jan 2014

What a wonderful night! The energy in there tonight was simply amazing! A MASSive thank you to the organizers, Jane ? Gaia Amiracle Om and to the OneSpirit Love Crew + Musicians for offering us such a treat! A warm thank you to ALL of those who co-created another memorable night!
Ma Ria on 19 Jan 2014

What an INCREDIBLE evening. My first time at a OneSpirit event absolutely blew my mind. The energy, and Oneness...never felt it so strong before. I\'m hooked! Love you guys!
Erin Cole on 19 Jan 2014

My first OneSpirit experience but definitely not my last! The music blew away the cobwebs of what was feeling like a pretty dusty beginning to 2014. Incredible sounds, lovely people and a great space. Amir, a heartfelt thank you for your warm welcome. In gratitude and love to you all. Karen.
Karen on 20 Jan 2014

This a an event that uplifts you, your friends, well actually the universe!
Lola on 19 Jan 2014

Wow what a
Ken on 19 Jan 2014

An enjoyable dance, full of energy! It was nice to see so many people for the first event of the year!
Sundar on 19 Jan 2014

Beautiful celebration with amazing live music loved it all. Happy Birthday One Spirit, Amir & Ken. Thanks for an excellent evening. X
Warwick Hall on December 22

Thanks for a wonderful evening - the live music was amazing. I felt so blessed to be able to be there, celebrating not only winter solstice but also your 2nd birthday - here's to many more!
Michelle Absalom on December 22

I celebrated here my birthday, and it has been one of my best bdays ever. These beautiful souls are like a family. I live abroad alone and staying with them it\'s like staying home. I\'ve been in the middle of the circle and I enjoyed an amazing OM coming from the heart of their hearts and going straight to the heart of my heart. I can still feel all that love after many hours. I strongly reccommend everybody to celebreate their bdays with these lovely souls. Love you loads.
Alessandro on Dec 8, 2013

It was truly amazing! Became lost and found in the dance. It was beautiful. Thank you to everyone for all your amazing energy and passion you give to One Spirit!! I especially wish to thank the didgeroo for visiting each and every one of us at the end, thank you...
Jo Pearce on November 17, 2013

Last night was truly beautiful.So much love and gratitude to all present for an amazing co-creation. Blessing all my magical friends Jane ? GaiaAmiracle OmMissmagikal LoveJo PearceDavid Ellams and so many others. Being ommed in the circle was blissfull. Thank you ,thank you and so much love...
Urtema Dolphin on November 17, 2013

Had the best birthday ever! Thank you so much for making it happen, I couldn't fall asleep until 5 am as I felt SO EXCITED AND ENERGIC!!!!  Sound therapy!
Sanshine on November 18, 2013

Thanks for another AMAZING Wonderful MAGICAL night to remember, was soooooooo great to see old friends and see new faces too! I especially LOVED the the beautiful angelic choir Oming feeling it vibrate right through me, was truly cosmic! Really helped recharge me and uplift me and is just what I needed!Was well worth the over 2 hour painful cab journey and £100 to escape my fortress of solitude for one night! Can't wait for the next time when I can try and get the strength to come again... Thank you sooo much to everyone who helps runs it especially Jane and Amir, I salute you! Infinite Love, Blessings & Gratitude,D. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
David Ellams on November 17, 2013

“ My first time to dance in the UK - didn\'t know what to expect, but what I experienced there was simply what I think I really needed - mainly tribal rhythms... with the circles in the beginning and the end too - the sharing of energies, being connected with each other in a circle ... Singing OM was full of love and again I heard other tones behind...I love this :-) And the vibrations of digeridoo blown directly to heart chakra of each individually, that was absolutely new experience for me and I very appreciate this ank thank you for this lovely idea! And the attendance on this event brought me something even more... ;-) THANK YOU ALL !! :-) ”
Michaela Knolova on November 19, 2013

A very powerful full moon gathering last night....It felt really special as everyone was releasing the old for welcoming the new. The whole energy was that of a clear letting go and opening of the heart, as everyone shook off their feathers on the dance floor, held hands tightly in the circle and chanted a beautiful wave of Om... Holding hands with a "stranger" is definitely my high, giving me a sense of completeness, softening od the heart and surrender to what we really are: One. We need more of these beautiful gatherings, as we meet with people of the same vibration raising each other's vibration.... Thanks again!!! Satnam.
mathilde on November 17, 2013

So Lovely to connect with so many beautiful beings in London!
Colette Du Bois on October 20, 2013

Once again, heartfelt thanks to all at OneSpirit last night. .I came with all sorts of personal stresses...but the wonderful people, friendships formed, the atmosphere, lights, and the music... the Om chants, meditations, especially the `shake\' and the ecstatic dancing that followed.. have all helped to cleanse me, lift me, and energise me  Bright Blessings to all..
Mani Navasothy on October 19, 2013

Thanks for a wonderful One Spirit event last night! I really felt positive energy among the people, enjoyed the meditation session and really enjoyed dancing to your live band! Coming to your events is a wonderful way to de-stress and relax and I find them therapeutic!
Sundar on October 19, 2013

Thank you to Jane and other hosts.. Great night, wonderful venue, beautiful meditations, lovely group, amazing music, very friendly welcome, ecstatic dance and a well held space...
elaine young on October 19, 2013

Amazing. I loved the dance, the Sound Journey was wonderful, and thank you for bringing Urtema, she is a revelation!
Ersilia Arjocan on October 19, 2013

as always such events has a great spirit, simplicity and joy. Great dance, great people. Relaxation and letting go off the every day routine.
Valdas Pranskevicius on October 12, 2013

Thank you everyone for a wonderful birthday, dancing and drumming was so fun. The birthday OM was very special...
Gayatri Lindsey on October 12, 2013

What an amazing event indeed!!!! The best Mind, Body and Spirit ‘Gym’ I have ever been to in my life! I thank Amir for telling me about this and thank magnificent Jane for organising this for everyone! FANTUZZI is a truly amazing guy, a great musician and an inspirational man. Great music and great songs. Absolutely enjoyed the event from beginning till the end. I enjoyed dancing all night. Everything about the event was just so fantastic! I Feel so lucky to have attended the event.
Sushila on Sept 28, 2013

Fabulous Fantuzzi had us laughing, dancing, singing, crying; playing our energy like an instrument, he reached into our hearts and connected us soul to soul. So much love and gratitude to all present.
Bless the Rainbow Family of Light !

Urtema on Sept 28, 2013

Thank you for such a fantastic celebration, I woke up with a big happy smile, still feeling the wonderful atmosphere. My friend, who needed a cathartic experience and had no idea where I was taking him, said you are REAL! Love and blessings to all x
Ersilia on September 22, 2013

wonderful! Everyone dancing with the biggest smiles on their faces! Ecstatic
Candice on September 22, 2013

Already been to one event.. and found it absolutely magical.. People were so nice and harmonious. It’s finally good to be.. and no pretenses or have no expectations.. Wonderful to be with so many people all working kundalini energies.. ! Sound bath was a wonderful experience in grounding.. but still being with energy channeled. The facilitator was great with introduction to energy work &drums.. ! Even reconnected to an old friend. All good. Looking forward to connecting with more kindred souls.. and just being.. :-)
Mani on August 3, 2013

Summer Solstice uplift was such a remarkable and open experience that I wish my life could be more of an expression of that true self that I am. Looking forward to the next dancing gathering.
Michal on June 24, 2013

I loved every minute of it, everyone was so friendly and there was a lovely vibe! Thank you to all the organisers, musicians and helpers for making this special day possible. I wanted to stay for the sound bath but I had to take the train home, so I’ll have to stay til the end next time! Big love and blessings to the One Spirit Tribe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chloe on June 24, 2013

I really had an amazing time, as usual. In the final part, the last circle, I “flied” to other Dimensions, it was so exciting! Why don’t we stay to sleep all together on the floor until Sunday morning, next time? :-p
Alessandro on June 23, 2013

Thank you so much for this very especial night. It was my first time and I really enjoyed every moment…. My soul is still smiling! Thanks & blessings xxx
Jordi on June 23, 2013

Powerful and purifying
Solim on June 23, 2013

Thank you Amiracle for leading the lovely drum circle, it was great fun and I’m inspired to buy a djembe now :) I will recommend this event to everyone I know
Chloe on June 23, 2013

Dear Amiracle – what a great session, so many lovely people drumming together – very special energy that night – thank you and Jane Om for all that you do and are. Om blessings, Gayatri Lindsey
Gayatri on June 23, 2013

A wonderful friendly meetup. Well recommended to anyone at all who loves a bit of a drumming session. No experience necessary.
Melonie on June 23, 2013

Thank You OneSpirit Crew for a beautiful heart-centred event! We had a greatt Solstice with you all on One Tree Hill :)
Love Love Love ♥

Charmaine on June 22, 2013

It was a great pleasure to feel that vibe coming from all of you! Happy Summer everyone! ♡
Irena on June 22, 2013

Amazing! Super upbeat warm atmosphere and welcoming people… Wicked music! Loved it. See you all next time…
Beatrice on May 25, 2013

Thanks to all the Beautiful Souls who made this evening amazing!
Alessandro on May 25, 2013

Body prayer, sound prayer, soul prayer. Welcomed back to my spirit home by my dear chosen family. Loved leaping over the Beltane flame. Infinite gratitude for providing such a safe space to let go and be danced. X
Rachel on May 4, 2013

XXX Mega Beltane night – such an amazing energy with everyone jumping across the fire XXX
Gaayatri on May 4, 2013

The best night ever the energy was alive ….
Yemi on May 4, 2013

Oh My God i had the most amazing time at the one spirit up lift, i was feeling so upliftedfor days later. Thank you soo much to everyone i have found my soul family i feel soo blessed to have come x x x x x
Louise on April 20, 2013

Super charged, beautifully supportive family, magical music, high vibration, pure and loving. What a releasing dance. Thank you!
Rachel on April 20, 2013

What a Night ! Beautiful to be there with my Spiritual Family.
Still buzzzzzing :) Thanks Jane and Amir who put massive amount of work to make this events happened.Also big thanks to really amazing crew team :)

Peter on May 4, 2013

I had the best time ♥ Thank you Everyone for your Love ♥
MissMagikal on May 4, 2013

I had a truly amazing night at the one spirit ‘Uplift’… the wonderful music, dancing, sound bath and the coming together of like hearted souls! Am still on a high :) Thank you. Looking forward to the next…! ”
Lydia Baksh on Apr 29, 2013

Pheeeew ! woooooooooooooo hoooo !
YOU don’t need drugs…..
get your natural ecstasy here !
never thought I’d say this but that was
an uplift..(4th floor) and beyond

Ed on April 20, 2013

Wow, that was powerful! I love every single one of you and am so grateful to be a part of something so special. Thank you to my OneSpirit family. Blessings and giggles and cups of tea xxxxx
Laura on April 20, 2013

bringing together a delicious mix of all things uplifting, OneSpirit really knows how to welcome diversity as the path to holistic realisation ♥ ”
Frank N Fauna on Apr 9, 2013

That was as high powered as it comes! A love Bomb was dropped in Brixton on that night. Every aspect the of night, the Soul raising meditation, the huge om, the Incredible music, and such a gong bath, deep deep Love wash.
James on April 6, 2013

thank you beautiful beans for cooking up a very tasty fiesta: i’m surprised we didn’t all boil over and start running down the sides of the church and out into the cool crisp night!! very bubbling indeeeeeed ♥ ♥ ♥
Frrank on April 6, 2013

As always a fabulous time, and a wonderful community. Thank you all :-)x
Laurence on April 6, 2013

I really enjoyed the evening…warm people and great atmosphere!
Cori on April 6, 2013

Varied with different activities and nice food for all tastes ”
sandra morales on Mar 24, 2013

A lovely mix of spirit and fun and something to help people connect and feel valued. Thanks
Cathy on Mar 24, 2013

Pheew! the band where on the button..Relentless..Gong Bath was sublime and the gathering of good folk danced Spring into Being..
Om Mani Padme Hum

Ed on March 23, 2013

Was amazing thank you once again! :)
PollyG on March 23, 2013

What amazing night ! Thanks to all. Love and Light
Peter on March 23, 2013

Really wonderful, warm and welcoming and…well organised.
thank you

Kathy on March 23, 2013

Sublime, connected, vibrant….
Rachel on March 23, 2013

Great music, great people, great time, great enjoyment.
Edwin on Mar 10, 2013

i like the the sounds …the readings of the moon ..the omms for the birthday lot …bring in the energy i like it all i have never been to something like this before …
yemi on Mar 10, 2013

I love this earthy spiritual tribe still in process of magnificent love as one!!ill be back!!
Evangel on March 9, 2013

Great teaching skills and super drumming time.
Edwin on March 9, 2013

Greetings and salutations to one and all..
thank you so much to Jane and Amir once again and the brilliant Band.
The sound bath was truly special, I was transported beyond this timeline to the realm of the Elders..

Ed on February 23, 2013

The music was off this planet.. I have never felt so lost and uplifted by it and followed by a sound bath… The bliss never ends.. Awesome
Hassan on February 23, 2013

What amazing night ! Five stars:) Still buzzing..It was pleasure for me to play music with my Sonic & Spiritual family.Thanks to Jane and Amir and all amazing musicians also sound masters behind mixing desk.Thanks to all who came to dance to our music, also big thanks to great team of volunteers who came help.We’re all ONE SPIRIT :)
Peter on February 23, 2013

What a lovely night again! Lots of beautiful people dancing their socks off and having fun. Truly uplifting to behold and be part of… looking forward to the next one… big love to you all
Ken on February 23, 2013

Enlightening, absorbing, electrifying. Amir hosted fab drumming workshop. Solid nutritious , reasonably priced food. Would have loved to have experienced the sound bath. Great musical sounds, from all the various musicians. Cool, interesting, friendly, uninhibited people. Lovely colourful art prints. Drew a couple of guys from Wales! Would love to come to something similar again. Beat on!
Ketan on February 23, 2013

OneSpirit is such a free, accepting, safe space to dance, sing and connect with wonderful music, good food and pure spirits. It has given me community which nourishes my spirit. Thank you all, for your energy and your love.
Rachel on February 9, 2013


Was an amazing night ! Thanks to all of your talented musicians, who took us to another vibrational level. Many thanks to you Jane Om you magnificently touched my soul when you played the melodica, but you have such an awsome musical gift and you brought your mother earth essence to the forefront…. Thank you all…. Thank You Jane… You Healed Me In Many Ways That Are Unknown… Thanks For Touching My Soul :- )
Om Shanti Angel on January 27, 2013


Extra sparkly and lovely. The sound bath was amazing!!
Laura on November 24, 2012


Thank you for last night was absolutely incredible \0/ x
Constance on November 24, 2012


Amazing – out of this world … X
Sonia on November 24, 2012


Michael on November 24, 2012


I have to say that was one of the best events yet! :) There was sooooooo much positive energy in the room, it was electric. I felt more of a connection than ever and I was bouncing off the walls during the dance, but that may have been related to how many of those addictive yummy yummy heart truffles I had! :D

The music was great, the people were great, the venue was great, you can’t get much better than that!

Looking forward to many more to come…

Love & light,
D. x
David on November 17, 2012


Thank you all for an amazing night :)))) xxx
Theresa on November 17, 2012


Laurence on November 17, 2012


Fantastic sound bath!
Rachel on November 17, 2012


Great music, performance and djing, channeling, decor, cafe, dancing, vibes, friendly people
Alan on November 17, 2012


Best drum circle i’ve ever had, progressing from simple rhythms and explianing and practising each one, all done with exemplary humour. Thanks!
Alan on November 10, 2012


A really vibrant energised space last night. Fantastic freeing dance and masterful, guiding music.
Rachel on November 10, 2012


Joyous! Big love to all the dancers, musicians & crew, with special thanks to Tama for some really juicy beats. xx
Laura on November 10, 2012


As always a great experience. Thank you :)
Laurence on November 10, 2012


Hello tribe family…… we just came back home now and we wanted to say thank you sooooo much it was a truly awsome magical night ….. it felt so beauuuutiful energy AS USUAL LOVE , LIGHT AND GENUINE ENLIGHTMENT …..AND THE FOOD AMAZING…. AND I FELT FREE TO EXPRESS MY NAIVE HEART ……..GOOD BLESS YOU GUYS YOU ARE REAL ……MAY LOVE AND LIGHT KEEP FULLING YOUR LIVES GUYS …..and the musicians , all of you were A M A Z I N G …… Your SHAMANIC drum: OMG… ALL THE DRUMS : really powerful ….!!! LENNY’S BASE: AMAZING i still feel it on my core and obviously my TWIN FLAME “Hang Drum, Gongs : Just divine and both didgeridoos were really grounding ……the Solfegio Chimes so nurturing and full of love…………and Solara’s Channelling : stunning as usual !!!!! thank you PETER AND ME LOVE YOU FAMILY ♥♥♥♥
Lilly on October 27, 2012


Wow! Thank you so much for yesterday all you guys, the crew at One Spirit and all who attended… The evening was M@g1cK4L!!!! May this vibe stay with All !!!!! Om Shanti!!!
Paulo on September 22, 2012


wow what a powerful experience, im still floating as i write this, there were so many precious memorable moments tonight, i had a fabulous time :) <3
Rashad on September 22, 2012


Brilliant loved the guided meditation held by Solara An-Ra it was amazing really connected with all THANK YOU :} X
Brenda on September 22, 2012


Wowee. What a special celebration. Joy, love, connection and total acceptance (and a fair bit of sweat, lol!) Thank you OneSpirit family! <3 <3 <3
Phoenix on September 22, 2012


Such a wonderful, charged dance! So grateful to all the spirits I got to move with and the fantastic musicians who transformed us with their song. X
Rachel on September 22, 2012 


Thank you Amiracle Om, and Jane ૐ Gaia and the entire OneSpirit Tribe….
in the words of Louise L. Hay “Feel Your POWER !!”
Delroy on September 22, 2012 


Amazing night…looking forward to the next one! Love and light…x
Nadia on September 22, 2012 


Thank you for a very special night! X
Astroid on September 22, 2012 


It was a transmission of pure Bliss. I felt held and the guidience was so gentle and so expertly given, that syncing in to the Journey was instant and the flow continuous. Also the feeling of family and commnuity was abbundant, radiating throughout, which allowed me just to belong. Thank you! Much Love.xo
James on September 8, 2012


Friendly and welcoming. Great vibe.
Amanda on August 11, 2012


A wonder-ful night as always! Awesome live music, beautiful vibe. The feel-good vibe at OneSpirit is off the scales! x
Solara An-Ra on July 11, 2012


The night was the most fantastical, loving, creative and ecstatically wonderful night I’ve experienced!
queenpacha on July 28, 2012


WONDERFUL!!!! I had the best dance ever! Left completely blessed out, energised and loved up! Thank you xxx
Rachel Morris on July 28, 2012


Another wonderful evening at OneSpirit on Saturday, WAHE! Again totally different to all the others evenings I have attended and again I walked away with more new friends and inspirational connections. Such a friendly vibe!
Lindi on July 28, 2012


I had a great experience, loved the meditation to start with and the dancing afterwards was incredible.. Great energy!
Mark on July 21, 2012


Amazing!!!! Thank you so much! :-)
Dani on July 21, 2012


Superb event!
Kevin on July 21, 2012


Very good as always thank you so much once again Love, light LOTSA Laughter xoxoxox
Brenda on July 21, 2012


Awesome evening as usual! Lovely to meet newcomers too – I always make friends at Onespirit :)
Solara-An-Ra on July 21, 2012


I had a great time, wish I was still there. Thank you to everyone for a brilliant evening :) I’m still on a high!
Lawrence on July 7, 2012


“I just feel so emotional when i’m around you guys !!! im so in love with what you cosmically and magically create ….. i love you guys !!!! i cant wait to get there again !!! and dance with the spirits that come to enlighten us while you play opening the threshold of dimensional love ….!!!! ********”
Lily on June 30, 2012


“I had a wonderful time. Really enjoyed the evening. the music was great and the energy fantastic.”
Jules on June 30, 2012


“It was amazing and great to meet like minded people and with who I can share the spiritual journey I am on… I have never experienced anything like it, I can’t wait for the next one! :) In peace, David.”
David on June 30, 2012


“Wondrous! So appreciate this community. I danced, I cleared and came back into balance with my heart and my body. Thank you for the music. It got my soul singing again…”
Rachel on June 30, 2012


“Thank you so much for an amazing evening yesterday! I have had the best day today: feel full of love and light. Bless you all xx”
Simon on June 30, 2012


“It was a fantastic evening! Thank you to everyone for making it so special. xx”
Thomas on June 30, 2012


“What a blast! High energy live music, deep inner journeying, a big variety of leadership, warm and respectful community.”
David on June 30, 2012


“The Solstice Ceremony was just amazing ………….. im so grateful i was taken there by cosmic deep love ………….love and light xxx
Lily on June 20, 2012


“Wonderful day and evening! Thanks to those who helped set up, brought yummy food to share and all the musicians and dancers!”
Natty Natstar on June 20, 2012


“A wonderful evening helped by the fine weather although evidence of the past rain was still evident in the ground.”
David Byrne on June 20, 2012


“Wonderful community evening – thank you so much :-)”
Gayatri Lindsey on June 20, 2012


Rachel Morris on June 16, 2012


“A wonderful experience and I hope to come back soon.”
Lizzy on June 16, 2012


“It was great, I loved the yoga, the drumming (especially Jane’s massive drum it always sends chills through me!)” Caroline on June 16, 2012


“I sooo loved your event on Saturday night guys, was beautiful to be held instead of hold looking forward to coming again next time Im in town love love love Beckie xx”
Beckie on June 16, 2012


“Thank you for another wonderful evening on Sat at OneSpirit… truly is a pleasure to be a part of it!! ♥ xxx”
Janie on June 16, 2012


“What a great night the 16th was, they are getting better and better. Well done to all of the peeps who are making it happen, thank u. xXx”
Lindi Lu on June 16, 2012


“Truly amazing,Thank you everyone.”
Colin on June 1, 2012


“I always make friends at these beautiful events – every single one feels like a Light tribe celebration! :)”
Solara An-Ra on June 1, 2012


“An incredible evening with magical people and instruments. I loved every minute and could not believe we were treated to so many different things, food, dancing, Solara An-Ra wonderful channelling and emotional release ceremony, and sound bath.Thank you all Love Gayatri xxxx”
Gayatri on June 1, 2012


“Last night blended seamlessly – musicians, dancers, kids of all ages ;) just being together. Loving the Sound Bath with the Didg, crystals, bowls, gong, drum and Natty’s shamanic and mesmerising voice – just beautiful – thank you everyone XXX”
Sonia on May 25, 2012


“Just want to say a big Thank you ♥ and what a great event OneSpirit was on Saturday evening… Beautiful people, amazing energy!! Was a pleasure to be a part of it. Sound bath was incredible! I will bee seeing you all again next time ♥ Big love x”
Janie on May 6, 2012


“Thank you so much for the best sound bath EVER ;D Hope to see some of you down PC on a sunday x”
Charleen on May 6, 2012


“Awesome event – incredible dance and music beautiful music, superbly organised and facilitated in a stunning space with really beautiful people and fabulous food. Definately coming back again and will spread with people! Much love Sally xx”
Sally on May 6, 2012


“Onespirit gets better and better. Up the Vibration :-) Love and gratitude to All. I loved the flowers ♥”
Urtema on May 6, 2012


“ Jane & Amiracle are providing a FANTASTIC Light tribe space and event, right in the heart of Brixton – it is the highlight of my week! ”
Solara An-Ra on May 6, 2012


“My first OneSpirit event yesterday, AMAZING!!! I heve met Beautiful Beings gathering together in sacred space in such a powerful location as St. Matthews Church in Brixton. Great Musicians weaving their Rhythms Together. DJs playing tunes lovingly produced in the studio to superb tonal quality, powerful Sacred Solfeggio frequencies… Shamanic drums… Didgeridoo… dancing… chanting… smiles… Love… Unity… BRILLIANT!!! “I feel blessed and honoured to be part of this manifestation in these times of immense transformation :))) I am GRATEFUL for the EXPERIENCE…still feeling …Good Vibrations : ))”
Danka on May 6, 2012


“ We are OneSpirit…to have a space in London town to meet up and connect, dance, be still and get our Kundulini moving, listening and feeling the sound baths and being in a space of ONELOVE beaming out to all. Be in Peace brothers and sistars.. we are the ones we have been waiting for and the time is now ♥”
Natty Natstar on Apr 18, 2012


“Beautiful Night,Thank you Everyone.Love and Light”
Colin Hume


“The kundalini yoga was wonderful, the drumming was superb and the sound bath was glorious! Thank you so much! :)”


“This was an amazing night with my Light tribe, as usual! These gatherings are my number 1 favourite activity of 2012 – the atmosphere is so celebratory, the people are wondeful, the music & dancing is awesome, the food is ridiculously healthy – the very definition of a conscious gathering!”
Solara An-Ra


“I want to rate it six stars….”


“I am delighted to have discovered this group!  Wahe Guru!”


“Another great night with like-minded souls.”
Natty Natstar


“This was the most WONDER-FUL evening!”
Solara An-Ra


“This event is a little Brixton treasure. Days afterwards the positive energy still impacts in my thoughts. Love it.”


“So much fun!!!! I absolutely loved it thank you so much! xx”


“fantastic……….. loving Jane OM on the drums yet again Thank you for a very good evening :}”


“This was an outstanding and magikal event,,, the soundbeam, ceremony/ectatic dance/sound bath/raw food and the Beautiful people. I am blown away by the vibration and the shift in my Being,,, Thankyou to everyone who contributed and attended. I will be there every friday!!!! Blessings:::”


“This was the most WONDER-FUL evening! The group was so high energy, the music and dancing was awesome, the gong & drum bath blew me away, I made some lovely friends … wowza!!!”
Solara An-Ra


Beautiful, wonderful, ecstatic! :) ”
Caroline on May 6, 2012


“ So great to have this weekly night of ecstatic dance hosted so warmly hosted by Jane and Amir. Love the idea of 4 different themes in the month. Adds variety for regulars and an openess to lots of different people. With hip-shakingly awesome live musicians, deeply resonating crystal singing bowls & yummy organic food in our bellies, what’s not to love….? SHAKE-TASTIC !!! ”
Sonia on Feb 10, 2012