OneSpirit Reviews



The energy was immense!! I'm still feeling it in my muscles!!! Cant wait for new year's eve!!!! xxxxx HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS!!!! xx
alison on Dec 21 2015

A highly charged group so full of beautiful strong vibrations xXx
Janee on Dec 20 2015

Wonderful healing space of love and light - bless you xxx
Gayatri Lindsey on Dec 20 2015

Fantastic healing energy.
kevin o'connor on Dec 20 2015

Lovely people, great music and freedom. .. so great to come back to this special space... see you all soon. . X andy
andy on Nov 23 2015

Perfect rev and heatup for the onset of last night's winter chill*
Janee on Nov 22 2015

Wonderful healing - thank you everyone xxxx
Gayatri Lindsey on Nov 22 2015

It was really great to meditate and join forces and dance with you all Saturday!!!! THANKS !!!!!!! We must have radiated some splendid love beams right across the globe!!! :--)) xxx
alison on Nov 02 2015

Yet another magical evening and even more so on Samhain / Halloween. Great opening circle, fantabulous sounds and lots of dancing. Closing sound bath was blissful as always. And that Healing Pyramid is definitely here to stay as part of OneSpirit gigs at the Brix! Grand shame I had to travel home amongst the usual drunken lower frequency partygoers but still, this certainly made my evening. Thanks! Peace, balance and harmony, J. xxx
J. S. Chin on Nov 02 2015

Brilliant Samhain Celebration! Thank you to all! πŸ™‚
Suki on Nov 01 2015

Amazing night, we really connected with the ancestors
Gayatri Lindsey on Nov 01 2015

Brilliantly orchestrated and sensitively effected - a joy!
Janee on Oct 21 2015

I am so very pleased to have joined you all. My friend came for the first time and he loved it. The gong bath was so special and the vibe was truly upbeat and energised and ecstatic. There were a lot of new timers there, and they seemed to have a great time. I wish you held one of these every night!!!!! I'd happily move in! Thanks SO MUCH to Jane, Amir, the musicians and the team…. these nights are so crucial and special and necessary for many and I have no doubt the light beams radiate across the universe !!!!!!! !!!!!!! xxxxxx
alison on Sep 29 2015

Thanks guys for organising such a fantastical evening on Saturday - still feeling the benefits from the great vibes. Almost can't wait for your next event.
Stephen on Aug 05 2015

Great night, thank you!
Elena Angel Shakti on Aug 03 2015

It was wonderfull,thank you very much to organisers and all participants πŸ™‚
Andrzej on Aug 02 2015

Most High Pure Vibes
levinpfeufer on Aug 02 2015

That was a fab night - loved the music - Great to Dance to - thank you - Love and Blessings x x Stu
Stu Mileham on Jul 05 2015

Great music to dance and lovely people to talk to!
Kaylaa Sandwell on Jul 05 2015

Great night catching up with friends, meeting new people, loved the Pyramid healing and sound bath.
Gayatri Lindsey on Jul 05 2015

Awesome! Thanks for this amazing evening.
Emilie Delavoix on Jul 05 2015

Fantastic energy generated from the collective group tonight
John River Brannan on Jul 05 2015

Wow, guys..I mean, really, you know how to make an INCREDIBLE and uplifting and awesome event!! I brought a friend for the first time and he loved it!!! I think I lost a stone in sweat!!! I love you guys! πŸ˜€ THANK YOU… see you in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alison on Jun 22 2015

It was very uplifting; fab music/drumming , great to dance and let go......
Kaylaa Sandwell on Jun 22 2015

Most high vibes. Funky fresh and bless to full crew.
levinpfeufer on Jun 22 2015

Vivid vibrations - thanks to amazing musicians*
Janee on Jun 21 2015

Blessing for the dub reggae bigup, would love to bring more of those vibes for all in the future. L
levinpfeufer on Jun 01 2015

Great evening, fantastic energy! Highlight of the night for me had to be the live dub reggae bit, but overall the Opening Circle, the healing pyramid, near non-stop music and closing Sound Bath contributed to something truly memorable. A massive thumbs and paws up from myself and me White Lion-ess for this Full Moon Elevate gig (anyone who has seen me dancing on that night will understand what I meant... Hehehehe!) Peace, Balance and Harmony, J.
J. S. Chin on May 31 2015

Wonderful evening full of joy and healing with beautiful like minded people and lovely host.
Javaid on May 31 2015

This was even more spectacular than the last. Gets better and better xx
Christina Murphy on May 31 2015

Glorious evening chatted with so many lovely souls and danced to the highly attuned music, the band had us going wild with joy. Thanks universe for such heartfelt magic.
Lola Godoy on May 31 2015

Another fantastic high energy fully connective experience with a lot high vibrational healing energy tonight. Love and light Jane and Amir
John River Brannan on May 31 2015

Another special night. Thanks for all the healing vibes.
Cathy Jeffrey on May 17 2015

Glad to have attended... just what I really needed to enjoy myself and have fun in the midst of slightly challenging circumstances. There was a lovely and luscious aura to the evening, especially during the closing sound bath. Nice to have been part of the well-wishers for Seryn's solar return :o) Looking forward to the more introspective New Moon Elevate gig. Peace, Balance and Harmony. xxxxxx J.
J. S. Chin on May 04 2015

When I dance, I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole, that is why I dance.
Asif on May 04 2015

Great to be back, great night, great venue, great vibe and beautiful people!!! Thank you
Jeremy Lee on May 03 2015

What a magical night that was! A beautiful, joyful ritual and incredible music. Big thanks and love to all involved. See you again soon.
Cathy Jeffrey on May 03 2015

A treasure trove of sonic sensation
Janee on May 03 2015

Superb drumming, great dancing, nice people
Alan on May 03 2015

Javaid on May 03 2015

Extremely powerful and beautifully designed event
Yekaterina Antonenko on May 03 2015

Amazing evening, thank you for creating such a beautiful safe space. Felt very blissful and present at the end.
Gayatri Lindsey on May 01 2015

What an experience! Thanks to Jane's extraordinary embrace, we were guided with breathing technique, sound vibration and care to other dimensions - for me viscerally, magically and symbolically.
Janee on Apr 30 2015

A very different evening compared to previous OneSpirit gigs I've attended, but for all the correct reasons: I attended the opening circle for the first time (I've usually arrived afterwards), there was plenty of space on the dance floor for the small group to really move with the music to be themselves, and the change of focus (more introspective) was a radical approach for the best. Lots of qualities that are my genuine self came to the forefront on the dance floor! Amazing! Really enjoyed this magical circle and look forward to similar OneSpirit evenings. Great stuff as always. Thank you Jane, Amiracle, the band and the team for everything. Blessings xxx
J. S. Chin on Apr 19 2015

Really great evening, fun and relaxed but also energetic and inspirational. Warm, friendly people too. Nice!
Adam on Apr 19 2015

Wonderful night, loved the dance, the whole evening was a healing journey. I love this version of One Spirit. Thank you, Love G
Gayatri Lindsey on Apr 19 2015

wow, what a lovely relaxing chilled night. I felt really connected with everyone. This is a friendly fun evening where i can let go of my ego not care what i look like and just dance to the beat of the drums. I love these evenings so much. Thank you Jane xx see you in a couple of weeks ... yippee hahaha big love paul
paul on Apr 19 2015

Great night. Amazing meditative experience of the dance. And the food was delicious as always. Really feel uplifted and positive today. Thank you. See you next time.
Josie on Apr 19 2015

Great evening, lovely to connect with some shining souls
Diane K on Apr 19 2015

Profound and Exciting
Janee on Apr 18 2015

Absolutely lovely evening, thanks πŸ™‚
Andrzej Blaszczyk on Apr 06 2015

Pure Bliss <3
Lia Aquila on Apr 04 2015

I absolutely loved it! πŸ™‚
Tiina Lehis on Mar 23 2015

Amazing evening - great energy and lots of beautiful people! Thank you Jane and the crew for making it happen. Next time I'm definitely coming for the whole ceremony.
Greg O. on Mar 23 2015

Magical, just magical. Yet another fabulous Saturday night out and the atmosphere was amazing. Had great fun grooving away on the dance floor and could clearly see everyone else enjoyed the evening too. Can't wait for the next one! :o)
J. S. Chin on Mar 23 2015

Wow!! It was joyously great fun being at my first OneSpirit Live Dance party. Such clean energy and high vibes!! Thanks to Jane, Amir and all the team that made it happen, I appreciate your huge efforts. Feeling great after the evening - definately 5 stars xxx
Lunasa gal on Mar 22 2015

Powerful * elevating * thrillingly sensational sounds!!!
Janee on Mar 22 2015

My first dance with you last night was brilliant. Loved the circle and raising the energy. Lovely vibes xx
Victoria Page on Mar 22 2015

Really enjoyed my first meetup with this group. I will be back for more.
Nathan on Mar 22 2015

Thank you each and every one of you. I had an amazing evening. See you all soon ????
Als on Mar 22 2015

Wow!! It was joyously great fun being at my first OneSpirit Live Dance party. Such clean energy and high vibes!! Thanks to Jane, Amir and all the team that made it happen, I appreciate your huge efforts. Feeling great after the evening - definately 5 stars xxx
Lunasa gal on Mar 22 2015

First time for a Full Moon Elevate for me, and despite the smaller crowd and band I wasn't disappointed in any way. The atmosphere and energy was wonderful. I particularly enjoyed taking some time out to meditate within the life sized pyramid frame and the closing sound bath - I wish this had lasted much longer. Thanks for another enjoyable Saturday night out and blessings!
J. S. Chin on Mar 10 2015

Another superb night!!!! πŸ˜€ Each Onespirit event is unique! I had a great time yesterday, there was so much humour this time! I couldn't stop smiling ... different again, and yet so reliably brill. I can't wait for the next. The healing circle was powerful too. Our vibes must have been visible from space. :----)) XXXXX
alison on Mar 08 2015

Simply wonderful as always - great atmosphere and tunes for an enjoyable night out. May I also say thank you to everyone who applauded my declaration of being single and happy: it meant so much and I felt honoured plus welcomed. Such a refreshing change from being pitied and feared. Thanks and bless you all!
J. S. Chin on Feb 23 2015

Great night full of beautiful
Peter Didg on Feb 15 2015

It was absolutely amazing. Thanks to everyone!
Ricardo on Feb 15 2015

Thanks to Jane, Amir, all the musicians, all the organisers, & all the beautiful dancers for a magical evening!!! Sending you all lots of Love!!! πŸ™‚ <3 xXx
Benny Bee on Feb 15 2015

A fantastic night.....lovely people..........high energy great start to 2015......a big thank you to everyone X
ken condon on Jan 07 2015

Thank you John,yes yesterday was magic.Great music,beautiful Sound Bath,happy people,great food.Thank you for your hard work with serving food a other yummies.x
Peter Didg on Jan 04 2015

A fantastic gathering put in by Jane and Amir. Amazing healing space in conjunction with the full moon helped me personally work through my feelings of fear that I have challenged with recently. Also an amazing sound bath which held the space for me to just be. ??
John River Brannan on Jan 04 2015

Wednesday's NYE do was **IMMENSE**!!!!!!!!!!! How brilliant to get to hug so many love-beamers and wish so many people a good year ahead :--D A big thanks to all those who made the night bright and brilliant and ecstatic!!! Big 2015 love to all. I will be there on Saturday to carry on the partying!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR…….. I look forward to lots more Onespirit gatherings in the newt 12 months. Thanks to Jane and everyone who set up and manned the night :-)))))) xx
alison on Jan 02 2015

Such a lovely , lively night best way to see the new year in thanks to everyone who made it so vibrant Bright Blessings for the new year x Andy
andy on Jan 01 2015

Truly brilliant night, a lovely safe friendly night of dancing and socialising. i was dancing wish a cup of tea in my hand, never thought id be happy doing that but i was..thank you sooo much one spirit. im there this Saturday too yippeeeeeee
paul on Jan 01 2015

First time for me and it was great fun! Amazing decor, fantastic grooves, delicious food and lovely vibes. What's not to like? Thanks ever so much, I had a wonderful time and shall be back.
J. S. Chin on Dec 21 2014

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a blessing to celebrate Onespirit's 3rd birthday to such BRILLiANT music with such beautiful people. Thank you! Gratitude all around.
Rachel Morris on Dec 21 2014

Using the adjective 'Amazing', still doesn't do this experience, any justice. So powerful, rejuvenated, uplifting and totally awesome. Bring on NYE!
Lea on Dec 21 2014

Great space lovely atmosphere thank you for such a fun night xx
Katy D on Dec 21 2014

Fantastic night amazing musicians thanks guys for the beat to Jane for your fabulous energy & opening.closing circle, & too the beautiful peeps dancing their socks off, & beautiful energy, loved it, thank you πŸ˜‰ xxxxx
Tereza on Dec 01 2014

Absolutely, glorious night with amazing dancing and the vibes was great.
Lea on Dec 01 2014

Fantastic night!!! Good atmosphere, the music amazing, best dancing night ever:) thank you
Amy on Nov 30 2014

Biiiiig thanks for last night, it was exactly what the doctor ordered!!!!!!!!! Shaking therapy is awesome! and the atmosphere was so vibrant! Great gathering, am so glad I was there πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xx
alison on Nov 30 2014

Brilliant meet up, fantastic energy, lots of positive vibrancy, love and light.
John River Brannan on Nov 30 2014

Thanks everyone for sooo much fun! Sending you all lots of Love! πŸ™‚ <3 x
Benny Bee on Nov 30 2014

this was an amazing night!!!!!!!!!!!! so looking forward to the next ones πŸ™‚
Anna on Nov 30 2014

Great night!!!
Mark on Nov 30 2014

Wonderful night last night and great to meet you all and share the dance. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!
Mark Bowmaker on Nov 30 2014

Wonderful night - was great to do this powerful healing technique together - looking forward to the evening again πŸ™‚
Gayatri Lindsey on Nov 23 2014

Absolutely blown away by the breath work! pun intended πŸ˜‰ A new experience for me and one that will stay with me. My whole body was buzzing from head-to-toe and I felt as if I could feel every particle in my body vibrating. I felt how I am connected to everything. Indescribable awesomeness! I woke up feeling as if I was hungover and quite exhausted. Is that normal?
Amanda Lamb on Nov 23 2014

What a wonderful night. Big thank you, much love??
Jeremy Lee on Nov 23 2014

Wow wow wow!! Thank u everyone xxx
Leanne Of-the Light on Nov 23 2014

Thanks everyone so much for a wonderful evening. Sending Lots of light, joy and love to everyone. πŸ™‚
Elisabeth Koijen on Oct 04 2014

Thanks everyone for soo much fun! Sending you all lots of Love!! πŸ™‚ <3 xXx
Benny Bee on Oct 04 2014

As always the event was wonderfully, spiritually, energetically filled. πŸ™‚
Victoria Summers on Oct 04 2014

First time visit. Won't be the last. Amazing is all I can say. Great venue, near the tube, everyone so friendly. Really laid back vibe. Started with a meditation circle that was great, then a food break. Food amazing. Then to the music. Wow. As someone very self conscious dancing, this was the ultimate experience. No one cares how you dance, everyone just does their own thing, enjoying the amazing mix of music, so uplifting, great club atmosphere without the nasty side, no stigma about dress code, dancing, and no boy v girl tension, just everyone getting along so well, then a big group hug and a cinnamon green tea to finish!!! Best night. Thanks to you all xxxx
Phil Gee on Oct 04 2014

What a fantastic night- well done to the team and helpers. It is like a drop in healing workshop with ecstatic dance at the end high on raw chocolate! Incredible!!!!
Justin on Aug 11 2014

A sterling experience!
Victoria Summers on Aug 10 2014

Thanks to all who joined in for such a Super Full Moon Elevate. Loved the drumming circle, we went wild! Our new copper pyramid is awesome, lifting our energy and the music had us all dancing with joy.
Lola Godoy on Aug 10 2014

Out of this world, loved it. So good to be back home with my south london tribe. XxxX
Gayatri Lindsey on Aug 10 2014

Thank you to Jane and Amir for a beautiful experience as it was my first time. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. I will be back. Love and light πŸ™‚ <3 one love, one heart, one mind one life.
John River Brannan on Aug 10 2014

Last night was my first visit to One Spirit and I felt really comfortable and welcomed. You created a beautiful space. I found the shamanic journey really powerful. Who was that leading us through it? What a voice! Had a much needed dance too, and loved the live drums, didge & other instruments. Today my knees hurt! Oh was worth it. See you again soon and THANK YOU! xxx
Erika Singh on Aug 10 2014

NikiG on Aug 09 2014

Benny Bee on Jul 27 2014

Magical as moonshine, but without the hangover
Benny Bee on Jul 27 2014

All of us have leaped to the next frequency. Thank you Jane for holding the space and navigating circular sound and hands healing within the Tribe. Big thanks for Amiracle and his powerfull and direct beat enhancing our movements on the floor. Thank you Miss Magickal for bringing crystal piramid where all of us received blessings.
Solim Savinou on Jul 17 2014

Still feeling the positive effects of this night, especially being part of the circle that gave healing to the ones in the pyramid. Its a great feeling to send healing like that, empowering and a new experience for me which I will cherish...
Lola Godoy on Jul 15 2014

Thanks Jane and all involved in last night we had an amazing experience (best om ever πŸ˜‰ the music was great the atmosphere joyous and such lovely people... see you all again soon Andy & Hana
Walking Runes Applemoon on Jul 13 2014

What a fantaststic night at OneSpirit! We raised the roof up to the moon and beyond. So much love and gratitude to everybody. It was beautiful to see so many friends and to make new ones. Blessed and blissed <3
Urtema Dolphin on Jul 13 2014

A wonderful experience, thank you you beautiful people! xxx
dan on Jul 13 2014

Great people..Although Im not a dancer thanks to everyone who spoke to me and made me feel welcome..
Alexander on Jul 13 2014

Vibrant, energised, loving, vibe. Great music, dance, company, food and healing. Blessings. Sweating our prayers.
Rachel Morris on Jul 13 2014

Thank you so much dear dance, dear community, dear musicians. Still flying! X
Rachel Morris on Jul 13 2014

Amazing evening! so looking forward to going to loads more, perfect vibes and great people
Paul Hodgson on Jul 06 2014

What an amazing way to spend a saturday night evening! Big thank you!
Aija Darling on Jul 06 2014

Brilliant way to celebrate the Solstice ! Thank you all for a great music & atmosphere xx
Shania on Jun 25 2014

Hey guys, it was fab to be a part of last weekend - what a lovely bunch you all are! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much!
Becky ? Skerratt on Jun 25 2014

Really nice atmosphere, friendly people. Did some interesting and uplifting things, then there was great music and a good dance
gervase on Jun 23 2014

Wonderful night. So many people shaking off their demons in the dance. Such a pleasure to see all the shiny, clean faces afterwards. It's as if we get reset...reborn.
Rachel Morris on Jun 22 2014

Isaac on Jun 22 2014

For me the Energy was outstanding for Summer Solstice,,, I honor all the Be~ings who were there <3 Namaste
missmagikal on Jun 22 2014

It was my first time attending the full event and surely, won't be my last. The drumming at the start was so elevating with electric vibrations travelling through the air, I felt so caught up in the moment that it didn't matter whether I could still feel my fingers because I didn't want to stop the motion. The LoveBeam circle, I've never felt such positive energy from a room full of people with one intention, I felt totally united with all and let's not forget the dancing towards the end. Well, I regularly go dancing in clubs but last night I felt as if not just my body was dancing but my entire soul. I let go with such freedom and ecstasy that it didn't matter that my soles felt tender. I felt and still feel energised, rejuvenated and totally uplifted and I am now addicted and pleased to say, I want some more. Thank you and stay blessed all.
Lea on Jun 22 2014

What a well organised and brilliant Gig. It was a pity that ZsaZsa was not well and we had to leave early. Don't worry we will be back next week
Daniel R Walsh on Jun 21 2014

Great night, great fun, lot's of heart....? ? ? ? ? ? ?
PeterDidg on Jun 17 2014

A really beautiful evening full of fun and wellbeing.
ken condon on Jun 16 2014

What a GREAT evening with GREAT people. I really enjoyed being with these people as they are so warm and welcoming. I was only a stranger for about one minute when I got the WARMEST welcome hug from Jane. I cannot wait to join next weeks event for the Summer Solstice. Try it, I think you cannot BUT like it
Daniel R Walsh on Jun 16 2014

It was a lovely event, thank you so much to everyone. I'm looking forward to the solstice now!
gervase on Jun 15 2014

Such a brilliant night! Wonderful music, energy, people, vibes... Body prayers. Gratitude to all who contributed their talent , energy, hearts and dances. X
Rachel Morris on Jun 15 2014

Another corker of an evening, and blimey, did I have blisters on my feet! Well worth it! My friend loved it too. Fantastic music and atmosphere. Keep up the great work. !!!!!!!!! Alisonx
alison on Jun 12 2014

Fantastical line up! A wonderful and magical time x
Martin Edwards on Jun 04 2014

auggggggggghhhhhhhhhh............ full moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL I AM A WOLF,A COYOTE...........singing and dancing to the full motherly moon!!!!!!!!!!!! uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Antonella Favaro on May 25 2014

It was dancetastic!!!! I especially enjoyed the shaking-therapy and the live music was awesome, as was the sound bath at the end! I came away like a new person! I wish there was one of these every single week! Thank you, thank you for all your effort and your amazing generosity to bring us such a wonderful evening of healing and loveliness. It was just like one big, welcoming family. Can't wait to see you all again. XXXXX
alison on May 13 2014

Brilliant music to uplift, shake out & raise up to.
Lola Godoy on May 12 2014

Again it was a superb evening full of joy!
ken condon on May 12 2014

What a night! wonderful, fun, healing, ecstatic, liberating, joyous, love was all around πŸ™‚ thank you Jane, Amir, the amazing musicians, and all who contributed. OneSpirit are the real deal ~ Om shanti, shanti xxx
Shiva on May 11 2014

Feel the love. Thanks to the musicians and arrangers for all their hard work and energy xxx
Martin Edwards on May 11 2014

What a great night, friendly people great atmosphere lots of dancing.I felt safe to dance relax , chill. im hooked
paul on May 11 2014

Lively, liberating and loving. You must go!
Annette on May 11 2014

Went feeling exhausted. Left feeling vibrant and uplifted. Wonderful open hearted dancers, magical live music, great energy. Much gratitude!
Rachel Morris on May 11 2014

Fun, love, happy dancing people
Gayatri Lindsey on May 11 2014

Better every time. Thank you all <3
Urtema Dolphin on May 06 2014

yes,yes I loved the crying loud,screaming................let out the rage,frustration,anger.......feel I am me and I am expressing myself to the Universe...........without feeling too shut down by other people, the system, living in this concrete jungle away fro, forests and sea.................
Antonella Favaro on Apr 29 2014

Yes yes it was a great night and I can't wait for the next one.
cary on Apr 28 2014

Annette on Apr 27 2014

Such a great night last night! Such high energy , the music was amazing.. I couldnt stop dancing.. Cant wait for the next one. It was just the release I needed! Big loves and thanks. xx Niki
NikiG on Apr 27 2014

Great better than a club πŸ™‚
Rupert Christian Rampton on Apr 27 2014

Fantastic, amazing music, friendly members, liberating dancing inspirational and approachable facilitators - my first time - I loved it!
Annette on Apr 27 2014

Loved the new event format. It was great doing energy moves with the music, so much fun. The best sound bath I have had in a long time, especially the gong at the end. The chanting was divine, sounded angelic at times and the dancing wonderful as aways. Bless you all my beloved tribe πŸ™‚
Gayatri Lindsey on Apr 27 2014

I so much enjoyed all of it - wonderful chanting, powerful energy shamanic moves and drumming journey which was just perfect for me this time - just for the dance itself there could have been more time ! πŸ™‚ Thank you all for this amazing experience !! Love Shan.
Shania on Apr 18 2014

What a beautiful night ! ... Great high vibes, xxx
PeterDidg on Apr 14 2014

It really was a fantastic night. Can't wait to see you all again
cary on Apr 13 2014

on cloud 9......a great 3 hour moment........
ken condon on Apr 13 2014

Amazing drumming journey!
Lina Vita on Apr 06 2014

These evenings are the best, so much fun.
Gayatri Lindsey on Apr 06 2014

Amir is right. Transformation can be fun! Another wonder-ful evening. I loved the spontaneous sounding at the very begin. Thank you all.
Siren C on Apr 06 2014

A beautiful high vibrational time had by all .... So good to dance creating our spiral of love .... the sound healing was totally magical .... the drumming circle got the evening of to a true tribal start .... shamanic moves & ceremony reset my energy ... the quartz crystals gave Uplift for spring. So much love to Jane & Amir for facilitating such an amazing celebration.
Lola Godoy on Mar 25 2014

I love onespirit. Thank you to everyone who made the magic happen on Saturday.
Siren C on Mar 24 2014

Awesome evening πŸ™‚ Great band.... and such a special vibe. Can't imagine a better place to be :-)))) !
Percy on Mar 23 2014

Such an amazing energy last night.... I am still buzzing from it πŸ™‚ I treated myself to some of the lovely healthy food..... so my body has been beautifully nourished ... and the music and visuals... and the "ceremonies" at the beginning and the end of the evening .... and of course all the energy released by the dancing seem to have lifted me to higher place πŸ™‚ Blessings to you Jane and Amir :-))) Keep it flowing.... the world needs your contributions ! Peace Percy πŸ™‚
Percy on Mar 23 2014

what a magikal event just gets higher and higher vibration and I can recomend this beautiful experience to anyone xxx Gratitude to everyone there for their energy xxx MM
missmagikal on Mar 23 2014

A great evening. Lots of energy. I went home and worked on some artwork til 10 in the morning! Looking forward to the next one.
Amanda on Mar 23 2014

I would give six stars to OneSpirit but meetup only allows five. Grateful to everyone from the bottom of my heart.
martin on Mar 23 2014

Another magical event at OneSpirit. So much gratitude. Amazing new addition to the already fantastic line up of musicians. I was compelled to dance all night! There was no choice. My body just said YES! Thank you so much. X
Rachel Morris on Mar 23 2014

An absolute diamond of an event, the place was vibe-ing high, such a blessing to find out about it. Beautiful environment, wonderful people, delicious food and amaaaazing music! Thank you so much to the organisers. Here's to a spring full of powerful intent!
Kath Jones on Mar 23 2014

Amazing spring equinox birthday celebration. Thank you one and all xx
Katy Robinson on Mar 23 2014

Really enjoyed it lovely people great atmosphere
Silverdove on Feb 16 2014

Liberating and empowering, best night out I've had in years!
Louisa on Dec 16 2013

My first time to dance in the UK - didn't know what to expect, but what I experienced there was simply what I think I really needed - mainly tribal rhythms... with the circles in the beginning and the end too - the sharing of energies, being connected with each other in a circle ... Singing OM was full of love and again I heard other tones behind...I love this πŸ™‚ And the vibrations of digeridoo blown directly to heart chakra of each individually, that was absolutely new experience for me and I very appreciate this and thank you for this lovely idea! And the attendance on this event brought me something even more... πŸ˜‰ THANK YOU ALL !! πŸ™‚
Shania on Nov 19 2013

A very powerful full moon gathering last night....It felt really special as everyone was releasing the old for welcoming the new. The whole energy was that of a clear letting go and opening of the heart, as everyone shook off their feathers on the dance floor, held hands tightly in the circle and chanted a beautiful wave of Om... Holding hands with a "stranger" is definitely my high, giving me a sense of completeness, softening od the heart and surrender to what we really are: One. We need more of these beautiful gatherings, as we meet with people of the same vibration raising each other's vibration.... Thanks again!!! Satnam.
mathilde on Nov 17 2013

So Lovely to connect with so many beautiful beings in London!
Colette Du Bois on Oct 20 2013

Simply the best!
Ersilia Arjocan on Oct 20 2013

Already been to one event.. and found it absolutely magical.. People were so nice and harmonious. It's finally good to be.. and no pretenses or have no expectations.. Wonderful to be with so many people all working kundalini energies.. ! Sound bath was a wonderful experience in grounding.. but still being with energy channeled. The facilitator was great with introduction to energy work &drums.. ! Even reconnected to an old friend. All good. Looking forward to connecting with more kindred souls.. and just being.. πŸ™‚
Mani Navasothy on Aug 04 2013

I loved every minute of it, everyone was so friendly and there was a lovely vibe! Thank you to all the organisers, musicians and helpers for making this special day possible! Big love and blessings to the One Spirit Tribe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chloe on Jun 24 2013

Very opening. Social network of explorers of any kind...
Solim Savinou on Jun 23 2013

I had a truly amazing night at the one spirit 'Uplift'... the wonderful music, dancing, sound bath and the coming together of like hearted souls! Am still on a high πŸ™‚ Thank you. Looking forward to the next...!
Lydia Baksh on Apr 29 2013

A lovely mix of spirit and fun and something to help people connect and feel valued. Thanks
Cathy on Mar 24 2013

Great music, great people, great time, great enjoyment.
Edwin on Mar 10 2013

i like the the sounds ...the readings of the moon ..the omms for the birthday lot ...bring in the energy i like it all i have never been to something like this before ...
yemi on Mar 10 2013

Fabulous! I really enjoyed co creating with everyone so lovely to share with you all so a big thank you to all! πŸ™‚
Pegasus Spirit on Jan 27 2013

Great energy, lovely people, uplifting event with loads of variety!Highly recommended!
Rosen on Jan 27 2013

Had a wonderful evening at the One Spirit 'Uplift' event in Brixton. So many lovely smiley people, great raw food, live music, visuals, meditations - great night all round - truly Heart-felt and vital. Thank you... xxx
Susan Cross on Dec 23 2012

Beautiful :o)
Nisha Halai on Dec 22 2012

Amazing experience!
Brent on Dec 14 2012

Brilliant, delighted to be part of such a great group of people
Rachel on Dec 13 2012

a very beautiful and warm space held with great honour and presence...
gary winer on Sep 28 2012

<3 words cannot describe the beautiful experience that was had :)
Rashad on Sep 23 2012

Every part of this experience, was overwhlemingly Beautiful!xo
James Marsh on Sep 14 2012

nice friendly relaxed and welcoming
Hilary B on Aug 06 2012

Life affirming
queenpacha on Jul 29 2012

OneSpirit creates an enchanted space for all of us to sing and dance, drum and hum, play and love.
Mark on Jul 26 2012

A great group of people creating a wonderful evening, from meditation to yoga stretching, to drumming then plenty of dancing.. A great evening, I highly recommend it!
Mark A on Jul 22 2012

superb dance energy
kevin o'connor on Jul 22 2012

Absolutely brilliant, a fun and very varied mix. I can't wait for the next one !
Laurence Wildman on Jul 08 2012

i personally think everything is sooo perfect ......!!!!!
Lily Pacheco on Jul 04 2012

This is a nice group. felt really comfortable.
Jules on Jul 02 2012

This is a special Context being held. A dance and ecstatic gathering but held in the context of loving relationship with each other and Nature and the Spirits. Encouraging Community and connection, Joy and wellbeing.
David B on Jun 21 2012

Love and Heart vibrant group πŸ™‚
PeterDidg on Jun 18 2012

Loved it!!! Fab mixture of dance, drumming and sound bath, which was awesome. The whole evening was thoroughly uplifting!!!
Shyron on May 27 2012

Beautiful, wonderful, ecstatic! πŸ™‚
Caroline on May 06 2012

This was an outstanding and magikal event,,, the soundbea, ceremony/ectatic dance/sound bath/raw food and the Beautiful people. I am blown away by the vibration and the shift in my Being,,, Thankyou to everyone who contributed and attended. I will be there every friday!!!! Blessings::: missmagikal?
missmagikal on May 06 2012

My first OneSpirit event yesterday, AMAZING!!! I heve met Beautiful Beings gathering together in sacred space in such a powerful location as St. Matthews Church in Brixton. Great Musicians weaving their Rhythms Together. DJs playing tunes lovingly produced in the studio to superb tonal quality, powerful Sacred Solfeggio frequencies... Shamanic drums... Didgeridoo... dancing... chanting... smiles... Love... Unity... BRILLIANT!!! "I feel blessed and honoured to be part of this manifestation in these times of immense transformation :))) I am GRATEFUL for the EXPERIENCE...still feeling ...Good Vibrations : ))) LOVE, LIGHT & JOY... Dxxx"
Danka on May 06 2012

A beautiful group of conscious, loving, spirited people who come together to raise the vibe with sacred sound, ecstatic dance, beautiful music, uplifting meditations and bring more love and de-light-full-ness to this world. If you're looking to get connected to a non-denominational spiritual family in London, this is a great place to start! Thanks so much Jane and Amir for creating such a lovely event. Big congrats 2u! πŸ™‚ Ashera
Ashera Hart on Apr 27 2012

We are have a space in London town to meet up and connect, dance, be still and get our Kundulini moving, listening and feeling the sound baths and being in a space of ONELOVE beaming out to all. Be in Peace brothers and sistars.. we are the ones we have been waiting for and the time is now <3
Natty Natstar on Apr 18 2012

Great stuff guys. Catch up shortly
Rui on Feb 24 2012

Om Shanti Angel on Feb 13 2012

great loved the drums & the music was.... ecstatic fantastic :}
brenda on Feb 10 2012

Jane & Amiracle are providing a FANTASTIC Light tribe space and event, right in the heart of Brixton - it is the highlight of my week!
Solara An-Ra on Feb 10 2012

So great to have this weekly night of ecstatic dance hosted so warmly hosted by Jane and Amir. Love the idea of 4 different themes in the month. Adds variety for regulars and an openess to lots of different people. With hip-shakingly awesome live musicians, deeply resonating crystal singing bowls & yummy organic food in our bellies, what's not to love....? SHAKE-TASTIC !!!
sonia on Feb 10 2012

Winter solstice was amazing. The drumming and DJ- ing was my favorite! The energy went through the roof! Looking forward to New Years party. Thank you for this out of this world experience.
Kaylaa Sandwell on Jan 01 1970