Sacred Solfeggio

3 Crystal bowls

Sacred Solfeggio are special tones believed to impart tremendous transformational spiritual blessings

Each note in the Solfeggio scale has specific extraordinary healing properties…

We are blessed to experience many rare live Sacred Solfeggio tuned instruments at OneSpirit!  

We play two 111Hz Gongs ~ 111Hz is the magical Solfeggio frequency inside many ancient sites and burial mounds and in tests 110-111Hz has been shown to assist cellular rejuvenation ~ the brain switches off the prefrontal cortex, deactivating the language centre and temporarily switches from left to right-sided dominance ~ the side responsible for intuition, creativity & holistic processing ~ also inducing a state of meditation or trance ~ a cosmic “I Love You”  ~ 111Hz is also the gap between Solfeggio Frequencies… 

We also play 396 Hz Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls ~ 396Hz works to release deep rooted negative feelings stored in your cellular memory and energetic fields, liberating from guilt and fear and also releases other similar emotional patterns within the same vibrational energy such as shame, regret, self-doubt and low self-esteem, thus shifting blocked energy and helping you to let go of what does not serve and aids grounding with mother Earth

We also play 528Hz Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls ~ known as the transformation and miracles (DNA repair) love frequency to awaken our hearts

Also we play a mini 741 Hz Tibetan Bowl  ~ to awaken intuition and expand consciousness

We play the whole scale of Solfeggio frequencies via other instruments tuned to the scale ~ Wah Wah, Chimes, Tuning  Forks ~ and Electronic Sounds… 

Everything is energy and has its own optimum rate of vibration and everything vibrating has a sound ~ called resonance

When we are in optimum resonance we are in balance and harmony with creation…  

exposing ourselves to special Solfeggio frequencies helps bring our bodies, cells and DNA back into optimum resonance ~ our original blueprint  :)

Wind Gong Solfeggio